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1,001 thoughts on “WIN the New Casual and Hiking BOOTS from Xero Shoes

  1. I have been waiting sooooo long for a boot from Xero Shoes! Now, start working on those golf shoes!!! 🙂

  2. I wear the Prio’s almost all of the time! The Men’s Hana shoe works well for me in the wintertime, when thicker socks are helpful. I’m really looking forward to the boots.

  3. So excited for the DayLite Hiker!!

  4. I would love to own more xero products, lol. I am looking at getting the prios soon and the daylite hiker would be perfect!

  5. Love my Z-treks! Looking forward to these.

  6. Awesome! I have been waiting for more professional-looking XeroShoes for quite a while. I’ve been wearing the Ipari Hana nonstop since I got my pair in April, and I’ve been thinking that I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of these desert boots (Coaltons, I now know the name) in the near future to use for work/nice occasions, and then I can switch my Hanas to just casual wear. I have to weigh whether I can swing a pair right now… my budget is super tight.

  7. you are amazing! I was wondering what to do shoe-wise as fall and it’s rainy weather is approaching : xero shoes is meeting my needs as soon as they arise! I have been wearing xero shoes for three years now and will never buy another brand. The colors of the DLH are sooo pretty too, can’t wait to try them.
    thank you for making perfect shoes for the masses <3 Lots of love

  8. This is awesome!!! Those Coaltons are definitely needed for office wear! You guys are great!

  9. THESE I LIKE. If they fit exactly like the Prio, then I have found my perfect boot. My only worry is the stiffness of the sole.

    1. You may want to look at the video and the reviews where I, and others, roll these up into a ball and twist them into any shape you can think of. Same flexible sole as the Prio.

      1. Saw that! Excited to finally get a boot that (hopefully) won’t make me feel like I’m wearing Frankenstein’s boots.

  10. I’ve been waiting for the more rugged boot, hooray! The Coalton is a little too masculine-looking for me, but I look forward to a women’s style in the future!!

  11. Really? Boots? I want a pair

  12. Also looking forward to wearing the Coaltons around the office…

  13. I’m 95% ready to buy the Daylite Hiker… but what exactly does “highly water resistant” mean compared to “waterproof”?

  14. I was wondering what boot to buy to go hiking with my wife, and then your wonderful boot appears!

  15. The world definitely needs a good pair of zero-drop boots.

  16. Cool.

  17. They would look good with a suit!

  18. Canvas shoes are tough in Michigan in winter, but Xero is all I wear anymore. The Daylite Hikers are soooo welcome!

  19. I hope I’m getting coal(ton) for Christmas. I told my brother to take a hike.

  20. fingers crossed

  21. I love my Xero shoes. I can’t wear anything else without my feet aching me!

  22. Love my Z Treks and Z Trails. The Daylite Hiker looks like it would be great for those days below freezing when I can’t wear my sandals.

  23. I have five pairs of Xero Shoes so I can only imagine that these will be just as great as all my others!

  24. LEATHER on the Coalton? How disappointing from a company that has always produced cruelty-free footwear.

    1. I’m personally thankful for a leather option. In my line of work I need the protection that leather provides to protect my feet from sparks and welding spatter. Thanks xero!

    2. Thanks for your feedback, Chris.

      I assume that you go to restaurants and grocery stores that sell both vegan-friendly products and meat, and are glad for the options that work for you. We would hope you see us in a similar way, but actually better, since we have a disproportionate number of vegan-friendly options, including the DayLite Hiker (in fact, with our current plans, we expect to have about 20 vegan-friendly shoes and 1-2 that are not).

      FWIW, if you look at other comments, you’ll hear from some of the LARGE number of professionals who’ve been asking for a leather option. Our commitment is to natural movement… and even with this leather product, we’re also committed to being as ethically responsible as possible as we pursue that mission.

  25. I really appreciate the innovation from Xero Shoes. Starting off with the basic sandal and adapting styles around it allows us to use an amazing design for a variety of different contexts. Please keep up the excellent work.

  26. I love the idea of these. I can’t wait to see how great they are in practice.

  27. I have a pair of Prio that I love and everyone in my family has a pair of DiY kit sandals. Hoping to get a pair of these soon as well.

  28. I look forward to having “barefoot” shoes that cover my toes! 🙂

  29. Excited to try the product. I do a lot of ware and tare on my boots everyday. Can’t wait to put them to the test

  30. Hiking has a new orientation – grounded walking.

  31. Ooh! I’m looking forward to these!!

  32. Love me some Zero Shoes!

  33. So excited about these boots.

  34. These boots are absolutely gorgeous! I have been yearning for a boot that wouldn’t feel like hiking with bricks, I have even backpacked with my Xero Hanas, but something more durable may be in order. Good job Xero crew, it appears you made an amazing product that will make adventure and hardy exploration now a minimalist convenience. Cheers!

  35. I got the sandal kit years ago and LOVE them. Was thinking of getting the shoe…but really wanted a boot for the weather here. I’ve been researching about a week now and POOF!…this looks like EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait!

  36. I want so many models! Shoes shoes shoes!

  37. These things look awesome!

  38. Loving my shoes, can only imagine how great the hikers would be!

  39. I love my Xero shoes! They are my go to shoes all day every day for household tasks, walking, and believe it or not they are the shoes I wore during my recovery from foot surgery. My doctor told me that I had better results than other patients!

  40. Have enjoyed being able to walk again without pain. I have plantar fasciitis and went through too many doctors in the last year only to be told that I will have to have surgery if all of their other treatments didn’t work. Well after three weeks in these shoes I am able to walk distances again. Though the pain is not completely gone, but at least I am mobile, and in time it will be gone.

  41. Would love to get a pair of these on my step-son’s feet, a stylish replacement for his current hole-y sneakers!

  42. I am pumped about more xero shoes for cooler weather. I like the low bootie, but am even more excited for the next evolution…maybe a mid-calf boot? Either way I want those day hikers. Thanks Xero!

  43. Have yet to try xero shoes. I’ve been waiting for a sale. Maybe i can just win some!

  44. So excited for the new boots!

  45. Love the fact that Xero Shoes is going to be offering a boot now…

  46. Definitely would love to have the experience in receiving a pair. My Xero sandals are my go to and the boots would be any different.

  47. I’ve been researching what to do for a hiking boot now that I live life feet first! Great news.

  48. Ready for these boots!

  49. Would love a pair of these boots!

  50. I am so excited by both of these new additions..not a single shoe have I worn other than my hanas since oct of 2016!Am so thrilled with both the newer dressier work look and the warmer or more covered boot..i have set an alarm to order on Sept 20th!! Woohoo!!

  51. I’ve been desperately looking for hiking boots that allow my feet to feel more natural, these look like just the ticket.

  52. I need these on my feet right now! Let the adventures begin. Nice work Xero!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Best wishes from Ontario.

  53. I am certainly not a Xerophobe. Sign me up!

  54. Can’t wait for these boots!! It’s always a sad day when it gets too cold for my Xero Shoes sandals. Yay boots!

  55. Would love those for work boots. My feet feel so much better after wearing Prio’s for everyday wear in one month. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Steven!!!

  56. I once hiked to the rice terraces of Batad in the Philippines with just the regular old sandals. Ouch. These would be great!

  57. Those Coaltons will change my city boy life!

  58. Love the Daylight Hiker wish the Coalton was Vegan.

  59. Yes. Been waiting for some boot action.

  60. Absolutely love my z-trek sandals that I have been wearing for hiking, but still looking for the perfect hiking boot. Looks like the DayLite Hiker is going to be the One! Thank you so much!!!!

  61. Extra discount for buying both? Why yes, I think I will please.

  62. I would love a pair of these for hiking!!! They look amazing and I love my zero shoes!

  63. These look amazing for hiking!! I love my zero shoes!

  64. I’d love to take my pup hiking again but since I suffer from plantar fasciitis it’s such a struggle. Maybe these boots would help make that possible again:)

  65. Can’t wait to get these on my feet!!

  66. So excited for these!!! Xero all day every day!

  67. So excited for Coalton – now just need one with finished leather I can wear with my suit!

  68. They are perfect for me, so pick me. 😀

  69. There has not been one day or evening that I have not work a Xeroshoes pair of sandals or shoes. Everyone asks me about them, they want to know where I got them and why I wear them. The answer is simple. Xeroshoes saved my feet, and made my everyday lifestyle and travel lifestyle simple. They are the best, and my feet feel stronger. I I have falling arches and these have improved them ten fold. Keep it up, and ” keep it moving!” 😉

  70. Love my zero shoes and sandals. Has totally changed my walk and helped with back pain. Looking forward to the new boots!

  71. Love the look of the Coalton!

  72. There’s nothing I’ve wanted more than to wear my Xeroshoes to work! I’m required to wear close-toed dress shoes, so the Coalton is my dream come true! If I don’t win, it’s on my Christmas list for sure!

  73. I’d be very interested to see how the daylite hiker holds up to a round of disc golf!

  74. Love the daylight hiker!

  75. I can’t wait to try my first pair! I have been using sanuks and corda sandals but excited to try some more technical shoes!

  76. I’ve been running and hiking in my zero z-trails all summer – would love to have the same experience in boots for the winter!

  77. My boss at work always walks by while I’m on this website. He probably thinks I own 100 pairs of shoes. Winning these new boots would definitely send me on my way! (I only own 3 pairs, not including some sport-specific shoes…) From xero to 100, lezgo!

  78. (/ .□.) ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /(.□. )
    I’m flipping out over those boots! Gotta get me a pair to give my xero sandals a buddy. :3

  79. I love the idea of maintaining my ‘barefoot’ connection with the earth while keeping my toesies cozy in the colder months!

  80. Love my sandala- the boots look great!

  81. Look great

  82. These look like awesome boots!

  83. I would love a chance wear these stylish boots!

  84. Xero shoes are the best thing out there! I have been given multiple compliments on my Hanas and sandals, and they are more comfortable today than when I bought them months ago. Thanks for a great product, Steven, and the best customer service around!

  85. Hoping to win a pair. Would send them to my son, a soldier in the US Army! <3

  86. The Coaltons look fantastic! I’ve been wearing minimalist footwear for about 7 years now and these would be the first pair for me that don’t get funny looks (yes, all of my current minimalist shoes have toes). I would love to have folks say to me “John! You’re wearing normal shoes!!” only to show them *still* wrong with the awesomeness that is Xero’s new boots!

  87. until now i didn’t know where i put my feet.

  88. I’ve loved the other Xero Shoes I own ( the Z-Trail and the Hana shoes) — I’m sure I’ll like these — would love to have both – lots of uses!

  89. Looking forward to trying the DayLite Hiker!

  90. nice shoe,feels good, wanna try it in the Malaysia wet humid jungles 🙂

  91. Oooh boots!

  92. I can’t wait for the boots!!

  93. cOmFy ShOeS 4 LyFe!!!

  94. Excited to perhaps have found a barefoot shoe suitable for technical trails like the Kalalau Kauai!

  95. The Hikers actually looks like they could make pretty sweet hightop sneakers. I dig it.

  96. I cannot wait to try the DayLite Hiker AND the Coalton. 😀

  97. I bought a pair of xero sandals 3 years ago and they’re still going strong! I love them!

  98. So much want

  99. Love the Coalton! There aren’t enough zero drop work friendly shoes out there.

  100. Can’t wait to get other xero shoes. I have a hardcore sandal tan from wearing only xero shoe sandals all summer…

  101. These are awesome! I need some!!!

  102. These looks great! Would love to try them out.

  103. Love my Prios for running and paddle boarding! Winter is coming and the Daylite Hiker is calling my name!

  104. I could use some boots to climb a mountain high and down a valley low. If I win some boot I’ll be forever grateful. God bless

  105. I’m so glad you guys are finally making boots! They look rad

  106. I can’t wait to try the hike! It’s so tough finding minimal hiking shoes. How’s the tread? That’s my only issue with my Z-Trails. I tend to lose traction when I’m hiking our Colorado Front Range trails with loose granite.

  107. I ordered my first pair of Xeros last week (picked the Hana). They should be here today or tomorrow and I cant’ wait to try them out.

  108. Oh man oh man. Xero boots. I gotta have a pair

  109. I LOVE my xeroshoes! My friend bought some and turned me on to them. Now there are four of us mamas in our outdoor school homeschool group that have them. Plus, one kiddo and one dad! My kids will be getting some after winter, too.

  110. I loved trekking around Israel, Athens, Rome, and Scotland in my Xero shoes—thank you! I would love a pair of the Coaltons!

  111. Wearing my Zero sneakers now and love them….can’t wait to get a pair of the Coalton.

  112. Love the quality and comfort of my Xero trail sandals as well as the shoes. I’d love to get a pair of boots for hiking in the winter snow!!

  113. I love in black, looks great a a lot of great reviews!

  114. To be honest, it’s going to be hard trying to win over my Z-treks. Those babies have been in zero degrees, 110 degrees, and have collected many fossils on slopes.

    My job is going to want me to cover up my feet and I’m just not one for boots. However, if the Daylite Hiker can mimic the greatness of my Z’s with the nice flexibility, lightweight, and ‘room’, you’ll have another convert.

    I’d really love test these out. Really bad! I hike in pretty mixed terrain (somewhere with a big crack in Arizona) for a living and I’d honestly love to give you guys feedback on the boots.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  115. If these boots are made for walkin’, that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk to me from you..? They’ll look so good out on the trails, paired with my daisy dukes!!

  116. Super excited to get my first pair of Xero shoes!

  117. I am a Xero boot hold out… my hubby has been bugging me every time we go out to get a new pair of hiking boots as only pair of traditional boots have been taped and glued back together (they are falling apart), or any pair of shoes. He thinks I need more than simply Xero sandals (I wear my Z-treks 95% of the time) and I told him I’d get a pair of shoes. He says when!? I say, when I can get Xero boots! (Please get here soon!)

  118. My Birthday is on October 3rd..
    These are the perfect Birthday Shoes to match my Birthday Suit !

  119. *Manly Squeeeee of delight!* 😉

    Think I might be getting new boots soon™

  120. Woo

  121. I’ve been wearing the Prio for about a week and I love them. I’m looking forward to buying both the daylight Hiker and the Coalton. I’ve been wearing minimal shoes for years now and the Prio is the perfect balance of comfort and protection.

  122. I absolutely love zero shoes. I have a pair of vivobarefoot boots that are starting to wear(had them for 5+ years) and have been waiting before investing the 200+ dollars to get another pair. I’m so happy to see this hiking boot and look forward to wearing it already!

  123. They look so comfortable, rugged, stylish, and comfortable, I just love everything about them!!

  124. I’ve been in the market for some new boots and these look like a fine pair of hikers. Well done.

  125. I hope they offer flexibility in the soles. The Hana don’t quite flex well for my stride. They are still comfortable, and I wear them every day.

  126. I’ve put on over 10,000 km on my motorcycle with my PRIOs. I love love love the breath-ability, particularly during our hottest summer in ages. The PRIOs, however, aren’t really what you would consider as motorcycle shoes. I’ve often thought, and not a thought I would have more any other applications, that something a little more robust with some ankle protection but with the same flexible sole and wide toe box would be the ticket for continued motorcycle use. Hello, DayLite Hiker. 🙂

  127. Love the DayLite Hiker… still wear my barefoot sandals daily but they don’t work for everything… these look to compliment the Hana’s I already have

  128. YES!! I already plan on purchasing one coalton and one daylight hiker.. gosh.. as Tevye would say “If I were a rich man..” I would get each of these in both black and brown. Brown daylights for *actually* hiking (planning a Grand Canyon trek with my dad) and the all-black daylights look like incredible deadlift shoes. And I’d wear the Coaltons in either color around the office. Seems like a pretty good investment in my foot-forward living. 🙂

  129. I need a pair of The Coalton. I am wearing out my Ipari Hanas real good

  130. I trained for hiking the PCT in my Iparis in the high desert mountains behind the house. They got pretty muddy with the amount of rain the west got this spring, but it just added character to them. I’d wear them to all of my classes and work and leave trails of dried mud everywhere… I ultimately ended up breaking my foot and getting off the PCT, and have just gotten to the point in healing where my foot feels okay to walk after nerve damage from the walking boot. I found my Iparis where I spirited them away and I can’t wait to dissapear up into the mountains with them again, after months of not being able to walk or hike! I’d absolutely LOVE to have a second pair of Xero shoes for hiking so I don’t have to worry about washing the mud off of them. See you on the PCT in 2018!

  131. Looks interesting, would like a zip or velcro option though.

  132. Needed something to replace my Clouds in the winter – perfect!

  133. The low profile and black color of the Coalton seems like something I can use, comfortably, in more formal settings. Thanks to Xero Shoes for the excellent solution to help make our professional lives more pleasant.

  134. I love how stylish they are. Look comfy too.

  135. Can retire my high heel hiking boots now…

  136. Looking for a Win!

  137. They feel like your not wearing shoes

  138. Ohhh.., the daylite hikers look like they would be perfect for my beachcombing adventures! I usually wear a pair of trainers and always return home with wet and sore feet.

  139. Looking to try my first xero shoes! I can’t decide which boot I like more so I might just have to get both!

  140. Can’t wait to get both!

  141. The humans didn’t like it when I walked around barefoot, they didn’t really approve of the “foot gloves” from that “other brand”, and all of the other zero-drop shoes that claimed to have a “natural feel”, never really “worked” for me, anything that crunches the sides of my feet and toes, is not “natural”, then I found XERO, your Barajas sandals were cute and, unlike traditional flip flops, were more comfortable to walk longer distances in, then I bough the trek sandals, and then the sneakers, and now I’m entering a contest for boots, I probably won’t win, so I’ll end up buying those as well, then I’ll buy or enter to win whatever else you all dream up in the future, and all will be right with the world.

  142. I’m SOooo ready to ditch my hiking boots for a pair of these DayLite Hikers !! Praying for some luck here : )

  143. Xero shoes are amazing. I am getting mine in the next week or two. My friend just backpacked 8 miles with me while wearing his Z-Trails. And he only had good things to say about his shoes and I had tons of questions especially since I work at 1 of 2 Xeroshoe retailers in Arizona. I am going to keep selling these shoes because they are incredible and serve a great purpose! I have seen first hand how great they are in a backcountry environment and even better I can wear socks when I get cold!!!

  144. Can’t wait to slid on a pair of hikers man! The adventure continues

  145. Really excited about the vegan hikers as ours are getting old now and I love my Lenas. Hubby managed to lose his hikers so I suppose I ought to get him a pair first!

  146. Just love Xero shoes, have the running shoes and they are like a pair of slippers. Run in my Xero shoes everyday and be super cool to get the hiking boots as I am passionate about being in the wilderness and touch base with nature everyday. Totally recommend this brand for ultimate comfort, its a pleasure to be outdoors in them and makes you want to just get out and explore just to use them 🙂

  147. It’s awesome that xero shoes is expanding towards something more casual. That way we won’t have a sporty look all the time

  148. Can’t wait to try these!

  149. I was just about to email you guys that I badly need you to make boots! I would also love to see childrens’ shoes as they are being discontinued at several barefoot brands.
    (Does anyone read this?)

    1. a) Yes, we read these 😉

      b) Kids products are on our to-do list.

  150. I’ve been waiting for you to make something like both these shoes ever since I started wearing my first DIY xeroshoes sandals, two or three years ago I guess, I can’t really remember. I use them all year round, and only put on a pair of socks when it’s REALLY freezing cold, and then again, mostly to keep people from asking me “aren’t your feet cold?”. But there are different situations where walking in barefoot or in a pair of huaraches is socially quite disturbing, so being able to fit in a bit more while still feeling the freedom of xeroshoes is something I wholeheartedly welcome. Thank you Stephen, Lena, and the whole team at xeroshoes! Very grateful to you.

  151. I have been researching minimalist boots for a while now and not been able to find a good option. I think we have one at last!

  152. Both look great! Can’t wait to finally get some hiking boots that don’t weight a ton 😀

  153. If you make these in a size 15, I’ll give them a 15 star review.

  154. They look good– love the purple!

  155. Winter is coming….and now we have boots! Awesome – my feet will be toasty 🙂

  156. The White Walkers are on their way, but I know Jon Snow, Tyrion, Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, Arya and their supporters are going to crush them so easily with the new Xero boots on their feet.

  157. Love these! I’m always taking teenagers on DofE expeditions, and the Daylite Hikers would be perfect for this.

  158. I just love the look of these plus the fact that you now offer shoes to cover less casual uses

  159. This is awesome! I can’t wait to try them!

  160. Looking forward to a shoe around 100 bucks I can live a city life with!

  161. Looking awesome! Would love to get either one! I love hiking, and I have hiked in your sandals, but sometimes the weather doesn’t permit that.

  162. Very tough decision! I think I’m leaning more towards the Daylite Hiker.

  163. Are the Coalton or Daylite available internationally ?

    1. We ship internationally. Some of our dealers — — will be carrying these as well.

  164. Maybe an unconventional use, but i’ve been looking for a service industry shoe that’s actually made for feet (for like 5 years now), and i think the coalton in all black might just be the ticket, so i signed up for that vip list to hopefully get a chance to try it out asap!

  165. Really pleased to see a leather shoe, will the Coalton be available in the UK. Is it actually leather, suede or nubuck?

  166. Loving the look of the new boots – understated enough for day to day wear (without looking like you’re going hiking after work)

  167. These boots are both light and sturdy – impressive! I may swap these for my current hiking boots!

  168. The Coalton boots are going to be fantastic when we work muddy festivals, a bit of waterproofing & I’ll have nice dry feet!

  169. Wow, I the light hiking boot looks awesome! Just what I need this summer to get back on the tracks. So nice of you to get it out just in time for spring in the Southern Hemisphere 🙂

  170. Having worn my Hana shoes to work for a couple of weeks now I think I’m ready to take my zero-drop minimalist shoes experiment to the next level. I hike several miles up 1500′ elevation to fly my paraglider almost every weekend, sometimes twice or more. Sometimes I’ll walk a couple of extra miles to public transit from the park and then home. It can be tough going with a 40 pound backpack containing the glider and I’ve had my fair share of damaged nails, blisters and painful toes. So I think the new DayLite boots could be a perfect match and make my hike more enjoyable and kinder to my feet. Plus every ounce less of weight helps me stay in the air longer and fly further! So I look forward to trying them and posting a photo like this but with my nice new DayLite’s on my feet!

  171. Wow! They look very nice the new boots. I would love to try them!

  172. I’ve only just entered the barefoot world and I like the new Coalton model!

  173. Can’t wait for the casual boots. Got the shoes now and wear them to work all the time

  174. I just started with the sandals for a more barefoot summer and i am excited to continue onto winter with some warm shoes ! I hope they work well in snow 😉

    Thank You for your work !

  175. And at the Black Lodge of course. The chevron soles match the floor there.

  176. They do look amazing and the coulors are beautiful. Thank you so much for listening to the community and making these. I can’t wait to get them. Just what I need for my hiking trip next spring 🙂

  177. Finally a minimalist shoe you can wear at work with out getting the boot

  178. I like that I could wear the Coalton to work and be both comfy and looking sharp.

  179. Useful!

  180. I just got the Prio shoes. They are great. Everything I expected. I would Imagine the new Boot would be just as good, if not better.

  181. Finally a minimalist boot to wear during the long Wisconsin winters!!

  182. Hi, I’m so excited to see your new hiking boots. I bought your DIY huaraches 2 years ago and I wear them most of the year. They were first minimalist / barefoot shoes I bought and so are my first love 🙂
    Anyway, since then I’ve been looking for minimalist hiking boots for winter months, but couldn’t find anything satisfying.
    Problem is that I live in Croatia and here is almost impossible to find any kind of minimalist shoes and especially hiking boots are all heavy, heeled, not elastic… And I hike a lot. Hiking relaxes me, makes me feel alive, happy, part of the nature… every part of me except my feet. Now with your hiking boots I hope this will change and my feet too will be happier and closer to nature even in winter. Thank you :*

  183. I’ve been looking for a shoe like the Daylite Hiker for years!

  184. Just got my Prios, would love some boots

  185. Weather turning here in Ireland so perfect timing for a pair of DayLite Hikers

  186. I like the idea of a nice boot for winter !

  187. I wear my prios and hanas all the time.. love the comfort and durability.. I’m eyeing those Coaltons.. I have been thinking about getting minimalist boots from another brand but never pulled the trigger.. These Coalton boots blow those other ones out of the water..

  188. Enjoying my sandals! Would like some closed-toe shoes!

  189. Love my Hannas – use them for hiking but would like a boot for longer hikes.

  190. They really help my plantar fasciitis!

  191. I wore my Trails all summer. They were the only shoe I wore during our two-week trip to St. Croix. My feet have never been happier. I’m starting a new job and need some winter work footwear. The Coalton would be perfect!

  192. My son needs a pair of these.

  193. I want this – A shoe that I can wear in most occasions + on the trail? One bag FTW!

  194. Love my sandals so I would anticipate loving the hiking boots.



  196. The purple Daylight Hiker are pretty rad & your 5000 sole warranty is awesome too =)

  197. I have been waiting so long for these!!! Every day my feet yell at me for switching from my trails to my nasty hurtful mean ugly work boots. I want to listen, but sharp pointy nasty dangerous things mean I must protect them.

  198. I just pre-ordered my pair of the Coalition and my wife’s pair of the DayLite Hiker (a surprise gift for her!!!!!), and I am MORE excited than a fat kid with ice cream on the hottest summer day!!!!! I’m so honored to be a Xero investor!

  199. The DayLite Hiker is the boot I’ve been searching for!!! These look amazing!

  200. Looking forward to the daylite hiker as an all around shoe.

  201. Looking forward to trying out the Coaltons…they look amazeballs.

  202. I was just thinking about Xero shoes and wishing they had some dressier shoes. What good timing!

  203. The coaltons look great.

  204. Gotta have than.

  205. I love the look of the day life hiker…would love to try a pair. I would love it if xero shoes would come out a minimal waterproof winter boot for those if us in cold climates.

  206. I’m a barefoot, shoe hating gal so these boots are basically my dream come true! I love the Coaltons!

  207. I have been waiting for Xero boots what seems like forever!

  208. Yeah! Something new for winter.

  209. I can’t wait to try out the new Coalton. I’ve needed a closed-toe shoe for work and these look perfect!

  210. I’m an avid explorer and hiker, and winning these shoes will make my future adventures even more enjoyable! ^__^

  211. Zero shoes are awesome!! Definetly the next best thing to running barefoot!!

  212. Excited for these new shoes! So excited that they get shipped quickly…some DHL for some DLH? 😛

  213. I love my prios and am looking forward to buying the hiking boots!

  214. Closed toes for very cold, snowy, environments. Thank you for making me winter “sandals”!

  215. very nice shoes and confortable

  216. I would walk 5000 miles, and I would walk 5000 more. Just to be so happy when these boots show up at my door.

  217. very comfortable

  218. Excited to be able to wear the coltons to work…finally a dress shoe I can feel good in

  219. I love hiking in my minimalist shoes, but I would love something that stays more firmly on my feet and keeps more debris out. These look great!

  220. They look great and comfy.

  221. Love hiking so these would be great.

  222. I’ve been wanting a good minimalist winter boot for a long time and these look great!

  223. Another great looking shoe for perfect foot comfort! 🙂

  224. Excited for the daylite hiker and the coaltons!

  225. I love hiking and backpacking in minimal footwear – but have always longed for a more protective boot style minimal for chilly days on the Sierra Nevada granite! I am so excited that xero is filling this gap in the minimal shoe world!

  226. Can’t wait to see what the Coalton is holdin in store for me as my feet will be emboldened, to hike and journey without care or a worry.

  227. How convenient, I was just thinking that I need new running shoes for the winter. Thanks Xero shoes, great timing.

  228. I love my Xero sandals! Hope I win!

  229. These look exciting, are they going to be coming out in women’s style/sizes soon too? Or are these unisex?

    1. The DayLite Hiker comes in Women’s and Men’s styles/sizes. The Coalton, for now, is a “unisex/men’s” product… sort of like how the Hana is (a more “men’s” shape, that many women — especially those with wider feet — are enjoying)

    2. The DayLite Hiker comes in men’s and women’s sizes/styles. The Coalton is “men” only… see the video for more details.

  230. Hiking boots? And just when I’m getting back into backpacking after a 20 year hiatus?

    Yes, please!

  231. I just went hiking this week in my xero shoes because hiking boots always seem to be so thick! Excited to see xero has a hiking boot now!

  232. I can’t wait for the hiking boots to be released!

  233. BOOOOTS!?! Yes please!!!
    Now I don’t have to be the weirdo in winter wearing plastic bags and wool socks with my Z-trails anymore! 😀

  234. So excited for the hiking boots! I’ve been wearing my Xero sandals almost exclusively since buying them early Spring. I would occasionally switch back to a different pair of what I used to consider “minimalist” shoes so the tops of my feet would be protected from pricker bushes and poison ivy during off-trail hiking, but no more! I was also dreading the onset of winter in the Northeast, not only because of the cold, but because I didn’t know what I was going to do about shoes. But you know I’m looking at these and saying, “I’m sure I can get away with a pair of these and winter socks”. 😉

  235. Would love the coalton for my honey, we have a casual wedding to attend and these would be perfect!

  236. Love my sandals & my Prios! I’m sure I’d absolutely love a pair of Coaltons for the office!

  237. Can wait for the hiking boots- first trip in them will be to Zion!

  238. Hiking boots! Exactly what I needed.

  239. I just got a pair of the Prio running shoes and they are wonderful!

  240. vthey are very comfortable and take very little break in time before using

  241. I just got a pair of Prio running shoes and they are wonderful.

  242. Sweet boots, nice addition to the line!

  243. Check with (an independent dealer) about availability.

    The Coalton is a leather shoe.

  244. The Prio is a good shoe for light outings, but for more adventurous off trail ventures, I’m hoping the DLH gets the job done. Sierra summits, here we come 😉

  245. Cool! How well will the Coalton keep out water? Asking for those of us here in the Pacific North Wet 😀

  246. These look worth a shot. I love trying new minimalist footwear.

  247. I own the diy sandals, the true fit sandals, the Prios, and just ordered the Daylite Hikers and the Coaltons and I don’t even like shoes! Xero Shoes has me well and truely hooked.

  248. Love the sandals and can’t wait for the Daylight Hikers.

  249. These look pretty good. Hope I get to try them out!

  250. I own three pairs of Xero products. Cant wait to get my hands on the new Coalton’s.

  251. The Daylight hikers look super lightweight!!

  252. I’ve been waiting for this!

  253. How much of a mesh is the top material of the DayLite Hiker? If walking in sand will they immediately fill up with sand or is the fabric tight enough that it will keep it out?

  254. Have 2 pairs of the Hana’s that I love. Can’t go back to “normal” shoes now. Was wondering what I was going to do about shoes this winter and now I know – the DayLite Hiker!

  255. For years I walked,
    My toes stuffed in a box,
    Crowded and contorted,
    My toes screamed out “this sucks,”

    Then one day I read a book,
    That set my spirit alight,
    It was called Born to Run,
    It hit me just right,

    I said goodbye to the narrow toe box,
    And heel stacked blues,
    While embracing the glory,
    Of zero drop shoes,

    And now when I run,
    Walk or climb stairs,
    Sit at my art table,
    Or leap through the air,
    My feet are so happy,
    My toes wiggle with glee,
    Thanks to xeroshoes,
    My feet are happy.

  256. I might have to get a pair of those boots. I am wearing through my Lems Boulder Boots (which are great in most ways) in only about 250-300 miles. Xeros shoes have a reputation and warranty for longer life than that! I’m curious how much sharp-rock protection the soles have. On long backpacking trips in Lems, my feet feel bruised on the bottoms despite pretty thick soles.

  257. Excited to try these! Love my xero sandals and if love to have the same feeling in the winter!

  258. From the pyramids of Teotihuacan, to the silver lined streets of Taxco, to the rugged Spanish Creek hiking trails of the Big Sky Montana, to awe inspiring hikes in Banff national park, to the urban greenbelt trails of my backyard in Austin Texas, my Xero Shoes z-trail sandals have let me feel the ground! I have worn them everyday for over a year. I’d love to add the Daylite Hiker to my “bare foot” arsenal to enhance many adventures to come!

  259. Xeros rock! I am a husband, dad of 3, back yard homesteader with chickens and rabbits, full time desk jockey (booooo), competitive cyclist, camper, hiker, coffee snob, and musician. I have yet to find an activity outside of cycling that I wouldn’t prefer to have my feet in Xeros. Good product. Good living.

  260. Go xero! This boot is the answer to all my prayers, I couldn’t ask for anything more functional for a mountain woman hehe, hope they live up to the expectations, because I’ll ride them rough!

  261. Never have used any sort of hiking boot, and especially not now that try to keep to barefoot styles, so would be interested in trying the DayLite Hiker.

  262. Xero shoes are my go to footwear and now with the Colton they’re even more fashion forward. It’s a win win all around.

  263. I’m about to be doing a lot of outdoor volunteer work and was about to start looking for boots. The hiker looks like the perfect solution!

  264. Just what I needed :3

  265. The Daylite Hiker looks awesome!

  266. I don’t suppose today, 09/15/2017 being my 36th birthday, wins me a pair of those hiker boots?

  267. very much looking forward to trying out these shoes…both styles …and recommending them to my clients ultimately!

  268. Both those boot models look good.

  269. Did you know that i share a birthday with Prince Harry? September 15th is a great day for a birthday.

  270. these look great.

  271. I feel like these now COMPLETE Xero Shoes. It doesn’t matter what activity you want to do, there’s a Xero for you!

  272. Great good luck everybody!

  273. I was just wondering when there would be a Xero Shooes Boot!

  274. YESSSS

  275. Make a shin high waterproof/winter proof model PLEEEASE

    1. That is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  276. Possibilities

  277. I don’t know what color to get!!

  278. Office approved.

  279. Love my Xero Z-Trails, so I know I’d love the Daylite Hiker!

  280. Great, I am looking forward for the Hiker boots! I hope it will be good enought to survive my trails 🙂

  281. wow, these look amazing. I think I want the daylite hiker!

  282. Those are some lofty prices! I hope the discount keeps dropping.

  283. that it’s quality!

  284. Cannot wait to have a pair!

  285. I’m new to Xero shoes. I got my first pair a little over a week ago and so far, I’m impressed! I can already feel my feet getting stronger….in fact, I just took the insoles out yesterday.
    I was hoping that a hiking boot, or similar, would be coming soon. Living in NH, something for the winter is necessary. Perfect timing guys!

  286. Once I actually watched the video and figured out how to size them, I loved them!

  287. The new colors are great! Any chance we can get the Prio in all black at some point too? No rush, my blue pair in brand new, so sometime around say…5000 miles or so for me!

    1. Coming in about 5-6 months.

      1. Great to hear!

  288. I love my Prio, have logged over 100 miles just in workouts alone they are holding up great

  289. comfortable

  290. They look awesome!

  291. I have three pairs of Xero shoes…sandals, casual Hannas and the Prio…Needless to say, I don’t wear anything else. With winter coming, I have no doubt the Coalton will hit the sweet spot for colder weather!

  292. I’m really happy you created them! People are already looking at me like I’m insane walking in your huaraches when it’s cold and raining here in Poland. I will see how DayLight Hikers will work in autumn/winter season 🙂 thank you!

  293. Looking forward to these. Will probably apply some waterproofing to the coltons.

  294. Can’t wait to try the hiker but also interested in the boots.

  295. Hiking Boots: Awesome news!

  296. They look pretty sweet

  297. I need a nice pair of black boots and I think the Coalton will be perfect!

  298. Same here

  299. DayLite hiker model would be perfect for the North Shore trails in this part of the world.

  300. If I win the black Coaltons then I’ll be one step closer to being able to wear Xero shoes 24/7! And once I’m able to wear Xero shoes 24/7 then I’ll be able to donate all of my non-zero drop shoes (not including my basketball shoes, not sure if I can play basketball in Xero shoes just yet). So by giving me a free pair of Coaltons you’ll also be donating multiple shoes to others in need, it’s a win-win-win!

  301. Great design!

  302. No more nettles between my toes!

  303. I love my Xero shoes; I have 5 of them (Prio, Hana, Z-Trail, Cloud and DIY) . Now I will get both the new ones too and also the Hiker to my kids. I can’t find good barefoot shoes in their size and Hiker will be perfect for the winter season!

  304. I love my Xero Prio shoes! They look great, feel great and are one of the few shoes I can wear that don’t cause back pain. I will be buying a pair of these boots, even if I don’t win!

  305. I love my Prio shoes! I will definitely buy these boots if I don’t win them!

  306. Although I always wear Xero sandals or go barefoot for my morning walk/runs, after a bad ankle injury I stuck with a pair of ankle height boots from a well known brand for hiking. Surprisingly, I never felt very secure in these as the thick, rigid sole negated all ground feel and ‘see-sawed’ over uneven terrain, thus severely hindering stability. I bought a pair of Prios and immediately felt safe and secure because I could feel the ground and my feet could flex and stretch, ‘grabbing’ the terrain rather than rocking over it. For the first time since my injury, I could even rock hop without fear! Of course, such activity is pretty rough on the Prios, so I’m really looking forward to the extra durability of the DayLite Hiker!

  307. After getting a pair of the prios I kept thinking how nice it would be to have boots with a lot of same attributes. Wish Granted!

  308. Looks awesome!

  309. Cant wait to stick my size 12 EE flippers into a pair of these and beat the terrain with’em!

  310. Coalton all the way, and FINALLY something in basic black!

  311. Dear DayLite Xero, won’t you be my toes’ hiking hero?!

  312. I’ll bet there will be “Xero” regrets to wearing these boots

  313. These look so awesome! Can’t wait to see them in action.

  314. These look great! Can’t wait!

  315. I like the Daylite Hiker, but the Gray, Yellow, & Black colorway…. Yeah….. Can we get blue instead?? 😀

  316. I can’t wait for the Coltons

  317. So many colors…So many choices…

  318. Are these boots as good for knocking as they are for walking?

  319. Xero shoes are awesome!! Can’t wait to wear them!!

  320. With the covered foot, will these still help me…toe the line =)

  321. I have an entire family of hikers – what is the multi-boot discount on 4 pair?

    1. The Launch Sale discount will definitely be bigger than any volume discount we’d have… so stay tuned.

  322. Good timing….winter is coming o.O

  323. Looks like the most flexible hiking boots I’ve seen! Definitely at the the top of my wish list.

  324. I’m planning a major hiking trip next year, and would love to brag about how my Xero hiking boots are easier on my feet, knees, and back than those big blocks of hard rubber everyone else straps to their feet. 😉

  325. Can’t wait to hit the trails in DayLite Hiker!

  326. Wow! These shoes are stunning, I have my pair of sandals for a month now and I am deeply in love only while it gets colder and above all more rainy in The Netherlands my feet feel like they are freezing everytime I wear them. Even with socks! With that being said, a pair of these beautiful shoes would be awesome!

  327. Looking forward to the coalton!

  328. Since wearing Xero sandals and going barefoot in most situations over a year ago, I haven’t suffered from previously periodic bouts of gout in my feet – without changing either diet or exercise regimen. I imagine the natural flexing and stretching (not possible in ‘normal’ shoes) has prevented uric acid crystals from being deposited in the joints of my feet. Looking forward to continuing my ‘therapy’ by traipsing through my beloved Aussie bushland in a pair of DayLites!

  329. Relevant!

  330. Looking forward to them. Just can’t decide which color I want.

  331. These look fantastic. Really wanting a barefoot style boot.

  332. I wear uncomfortable boots around the fire station 3 days a week, and am an active outdoorsman the other days. I am looking for a good looking boot like the Coalton, and cannot wait for them to be released!

  333. I am a Firefighter and wear uncomfortable boots around the Fire Station 3 shifts a week. I am a believe in minimal footwear, and cannot wait for the Coalton to be released to use during all of my outdoor activities this winter. Hurry up and release them please.

  334. That Coalton in black looks awesome!

  335. Love the Prios. Need something to be stylishly subversive in the office – Coaltons!

  336. These will knock the living DAYLITES out of (someone) when they see it on my feet! I’ll for sure have a coal(TON) of memories, experiences, dirt, and maybe even start a new trend. So stoked!

  337. Great sweeps, hope to win a pair!

  338. Barefoot boots. The final boot-tier. Boldly booting where no boots have gone before.


    1. Well said. 😉

  339. Can’t wait to get a pair of the hikers!!

  340. The hikers look cool! What kind of sole do they have?

    1. Take a look at the video on this page ( ) where I talk about the sole.

  341. I think they’re marvellous and I’ll get both

  342. Can’t wait to get these on my feet!

  343. They look gread, and I’m sure they’re just as comfortable

  344. Love my xero shoes. Can’t wait for the coltons

  345. Totally great! I got the email and wanted to write back 😉 it’s nice when the owners and creators get involved on the business with the customers!

  346. Love the leather look

  347. I will be getting both! I have quite the collection of xero’s.

  348. Daylite Hiker please

  349. I can’t wait, I have the Prios and love them…

  350. I love the Daylite Hiker because they are perfect for all my hiking trips, riding my motorcycle & they have a reinforced toe box to protect my toes!

  351. Zero drop, my feet
    love Xero Shoes. Flex, Bend, Feel
    the Earth. Limits: few.

  352. That Coalton looks so hip and stylish I can tell you what will happen when I wear it:

    I will walk into any bar, approach the barstool with confidence and sure-footed barefoot freedom, and sit down. The bartender will walk over and say “What can I get for y… That is a fine looking shoe, drinks are on the house.”

    True story.

  353. Daylite hikers would make my days on the trail, in the city and at work so much liter like walking on clouds everywhere I go 🙂 one can only dream!

  354. Daylite hikers would make my days on the trail, in the city and at work much lighter just like walking on clouds all day. One can only dream!

  355. Coalton are more universal for me :-).I can using than every day,in every situation .

  356. It still seems just a tad counter intuitive, that less is more. Yet, with my 5th pair of Xero’s on the way, experience tells me, it’s true. (never thought of giving shoes as a gift .. until discovering Xero sandals .. now I’ve done it a couple of times) Thinner, flexible and tough soles are more comfortable than all the absurd padding and ‘support’ we’ve been told we need. Now, with the announcement of hiking boots, my brain wanted to argue again. ‘wait, hiking is the one place you NEED all that padding, structure and support’. Then my feet yelled up to that brain, ‘no way!’ Fingers crossed maybe I’ll win a pair. They’d be very comfy with their sandal & shoe Xero family here.

  357. Any chance you can put a composite toe in the daylite hiker to make it safe for work in the fire department and others that require a safety shoe?

  358. Great looking shoes. The only downside to winning one of them is deciding which style to choose. Of course, the obvious solution is to select one and buy the other.

  359. Excited!

  360. Looking forward to a women’s version of the Coalton – I have a pair of Hana’s, and, while they are very comfortable, the hell is a scosh too wide for me…

  361. The heel, that is…

  362. Was counting down the days till this came out! So excited to hit the trails with these! And you can even rope in the business persons!

  363. The Daylite looks really comfy and soft where it wouldn’t rub your ankles raw when breaking them in, in fact they don’t look like they would need a lot of breaking in.

  364. Love the leather Colton. The perfect solution to when I need a closed toe shoe. Now I’m dreaming of a women’s version ❤️

  365. DayLite Hiker is perfect as I’m really enjoying strengthening my feet and the freedom of minimalist shoes, but I desire something that is more reminiscent (Style and Structure) of my hiking boots for motorcycle riding. I can’t wait!

  366. Love your shoes and your sandals! I would love to win a pair of these shoes! Just recently moved to where it snows.

  367. My trail shoes need replacing & I know with what now!

  368. I love barefoot shoes! If I get these I cant wait to show all my friends!!

  369. Love it! I already own 4 pairs of Xero Shoes/Sandals (I’ve been wearing only Xero Shoes, or going barefoot, since April this year) and have been looking forward to the hiker and casual leather shoe. My next big trail is the CT and I look forward to putting the Daylite Boot through the mill. 🙂
    I’ve always loved my old brown Oxford shoes for school and teaching, but gave em up once I discovered Xero shoes.. I’m excited about the new release of the Coalton. Xero Shoes has successfully replaced my entire shoe rack for me to live as “barefoot” as possible.
    Thanks guys!

  370. DayLite Hike-u (Haiku)

    Sunrise gently calls
    First rays caress forest floor
    Earth and feet unite

  371. I’d love to win these to try them out since I have diabetes and my feet hurt. I would hope they can help. <3 I would tell all my family and friends and get some as presents if they work.

  372. Fun reading the comments. And Haiku poetry too! Bravo! I appreciate the comment below. Don’t have diabetes, but, do have some peripheral neuropathy . Flip flops, never really a favorite anyway, became impossible when the numbness makes it difficult to be sure the shoe is on. And barefoot is no longer possible, because a tiny pebble feels like a sharp boulder. Not whining here. It’s just what it is. But those first Ventures were thrilling for me. I could walk ESSENTIALLY barefoot again. So here I am writing my testimonial. Let the XERO Revolution march on!! Cheers all.

  373. With my Z-Treks I always feel special at the office during the summer…
    But… BRACE YOURSELVES! Winter is coming, and how am I supposed to feel special during the winter?
    I think the answer is right on this page, XERO BOOTS!!!!

  374. Love how rugged both the DayLite Hiker and Coalton look!

  375. Hope to win

  376. I would sure like to wow my friends with those eye-catching DayLite Hikers!

  377. Good luck everyone!

  378. Those Daylite Hiker in black looks like myself 😉

  379. It’s gonna be fun!

  380. I only wear Xero shoes if I ‘m not barefoot.

  381. I just started a job where boots would be most beneficial. I am SO excited about this!! I love that they provide the coverage of a boot but still allow my foot to move!

  382. These will be my everywhere boot work shoes. GET IT

  383. I so want a pair of the burgundy Daylite Hikers!

  384. I love that the Daylight hiker has a wider toe boxthat is reinforced for extra protection.,

  385. I’m so happy to see Xero growing!

  386. Happy to see you guys made some boots! I live in Wisconsin.

  387. I like the laces, not really anything to do with the make of the Daylite but the laces look strong and durable, nothing worse than on a three day or longer hike and the laces break with no replacements.

  388. Ooh! I’m going to get the hiking ones!

  389. Can’t wait for the hikers

  390. The boots protect our
    Feet, yet flex and move with them
    The best of both worlds.

  391. Would really love to try the hikers!

  392. I’m relearning how to walk. Turns out most of what the podiatrist taught me as a kid was wrong.

  393. I like the gray and yellow colors and the design of the hiker.

  394. Choices, choices…oh the choices! My feet are thrilled with the possibilities. But which to wear first?

  395. Bring on the Coltans!!!

  396. hope to try some out!

  397. I love the Daylite Hiker because they are perfect for all my hiking trips, riding my motorcycle & they have a reinforced toe box to protect my toes!

  398. Awesome new products again! I am slowly working on replacing all my footwear products to xero shoes and now boots!

  399. Can’t wait to get mine!

  400. I want them!!!

  401. I love Xero Shoes. I bought the Z-Trail, and liked it so much I got my dad a pair.

  402. Best shoes I’ve ever worn….now to get everyone I know in them!

  403. I love my diy sandals

  404. I have the diy kit,Hana,and prio I love them all! Good luck everyone especially if you don’t own any Xero’s they will change your life and how you look at shoes!

  405. Love the Daylite Hiker, looks perfect for trekking around Sydney, with supported feet I can enjoy the beautiful Harbour and get where I am going in comfort. Thanks 🙂

  406. Coalton, black!

  407. Finally some hiking shoes where you can feel the mountain
    In my place we have a saying: “to really climb a mountain you gotta do it barefoot”, now finally with this shoes everyone can really climb a mountain.

  408. I love Daylite hiker’s design, I have hightops already, but i bet these will be a great replacement!

  409. Look at a fucking arch, the more weight you put on top, the stronger the fucker becomes. You put a “support” under an arch and it fucks it all up. Arches are strong motherfuckers, and most fucking shoes ruin goddamn arches, but not these fucking shoes. These sons-a-bitches are the best goddamn shoes I’ve ever ran in, I have the fucking diy sandals, good fucking choice there. First couple times I went and ran in them, motherfuckers we’re looking at me funny, that was until I fucking dusted their asses. I could only imagine how fucking comfortable the boots will be, if I win a pair, fuck yea, but if not that’s cool, I’ll buy a pair anyway

  410. I love that these shoes are stylish enough to wear to work!

  411. I love my Z trails so much, but they’re not so good for winter here (Ohio). Looking forward to wearing barefoot boots during the colder months!

  412. I love the Coalton and am looking forward to a Women’s version.The Daylight Hiker is stylish and I love the colors.

  413. These are great! I can’t wait to order the black boots.

  414. These look great! Thanks

  415. A pair of black Coaltons would be perfect for my everyday wear!

  416. These look great, can’t wait to win a pair.

  417. Yes the third from the right to left.

  418. The DayLite Hikers look awesome and I love that they are water resistant!

  419. A limerick:
    I cannot go barefoot at work
    And my dress shoes make my feet hurt
    With a new pair of Coaltons
    Work will be much more fun
    As my feet feel the world in comfort

  420. That daylight hiker looks awesome!

  421. nice shoes

  422. Xero shoes = Pain free barefoot walking/running!!!!! Go Xero Shoes!

  423. Really pumped for the Daylite Hiker. Also hoping other shoes will be on sale. Interested in getting a Prio at the same time

  424. My husband and I have wildly different–but equally troublesome–feet and we’ve both found happiness at Xero!

  425. Awesome shoes.

  426. Lets keep it going to get more people! Getting closer to healthier feet!

  427. Very cool my lems are wearing out so new release is just in time.

  428. Excited!

  429. These shoes are made for walkin and that is just what I would do. Put on the blue sued lookin Xero’s and walk all over too. LOL

  430. Xero hiking boots yasss!

  431. I sure like the new boots from Xero
    They won’t really make you a hero
    But in snow or rain
    All kinds of terrain
    Your feet will have nothing to fear-o.

    1. Love it!

  432. They both look great. I have a leg injury and these look like they would be more comfortable than the average store brand shoes.

  433. I’d love a pair of Xeros that I could wear in rainy weather, and these look perfect!

  434. Love my Xero Shoes. My Hanas are still looking stylish, and my Huraches have been holding together for almost two years running (pun intended).

  435. Look great and meet all my requirements for a zero drop drop shoe. Thanks!

  436. These look great and meet all my requirements for a zero drop shoe. Thanks!

  437. I’m on the top of the world looking down on my xeros
    And the only explanation I can find
    Is the love that I’ve found ever since these shoes came around
    Your brand’s put me at the top of the world

    🙂 Only a classic song can speak so truly

  438. The guaranteed sole
    warranty brings confidence
    Worthwhile investment

  439. Nice to see the new Coalton has what appears to be a stitched sole. With soles that last 5,000 miles, the construction of the shoe should as well. Wish all your shoes had stitched construction.

  440. I have 2 pairs and 95% of time in this summer I used them and I like them a lot. You can feel connection with Mother Earth 🙂

  441. Day-O…Day-O…DayLite Hiker me want to win!

  442. But seriously, need the hiking boots for the rain!

  443. I have been waiting for Xero boots for years… finally they are here! 🙂

  444. The Daylight Hiker looks great. I wonder when you’re coming up with a casual boot for women…

  445. With the Coaltons, it’ll be like an inverted mullet for attire… business up top, party down at the bottom

  446. Awesome

  447. Bring on the Coltans

  448. So awesome! Been waiting for these since I saw your video a month back.

  449. There’s nothing better then feeling the ground on your feet, I’m so excited for this new line of Xero shoes, high quality of shoe for a high quality of life!


  451. The DayLite hikers seem like hugs for your feet! Super rad!

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    1. Men’s 14 (like our Prio, Hana, and sandals).

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    1. Oops… you can find the video at https:/ (I’m going to post it here on this page as soon as I finish writing to you).

      The difference: a more protective and slightly more cold-friendly upper.

      Otherwise, like ALL our products, it’s built on a natural movement base with a foot-first design.

  488. After a year of walking with a limp and constantly rolling my ankles due to complications caused by my connective tissue disorder I finally found out about the benefits of bare feet and was able to rebuild strength in my feet and ankles by going barefoot and wearing leather soled moccasins as often as possible when shoes were required. I have been wanting to try xero shoes for a while now, and with the release of these new hiking boots this is a perfect excuse! Walking/hiking is one of the only safe forms of exercise for me and I have been searching for a “barefoot” hiking boot for a while now, and this would be perfect!


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    I hope you guys enjoyed my poem! I really love Xero Shoes, they are the only brand of shoes I wear. Xero shoes make me feel like I can finally move my feet. My toes are open and my arch is fixed. As a college student I’ll take any Xero Shoes products I can get! I truly believe in this product and believe it is more than a shoe but a lifestyle. Thank you for doing what you guys do!
    Pete Duarte
    Merced, Ca

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