Make your own Sandals - DIY huaraches

Make your own sandals, Janice style ;-)

Our Customer Happiness Manager, Janice, has been on a roll, creating new DIY sandal designs. This latest was inspired by our Z-Trek sandals. It uses the “loop” idea from this sandal, and the Heel Strap from our Amuri sandals. Remember, when you make a kit that has laces touching the ground (like the outside edge […]

How to Adjust the Xero Shoes Sandals for a Perfect Fit

To get a just-right fit for your sandals, follow the instructions below. And if you need more help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at 303.447.3100 or [email protected] For all of our sandals, you want to aim for “snug but comfortable.” Z-Trek, Z-Trail and Naboso sport sandals Aqua Cloud and Genesis […]

Pat's Xero Loop Barefoot Sandal tying style

Barefoot Pat’s Xero Loop Variation

Pat made a tweak to the Xero Loop style that you may like. His video is in French (with a couple of English words tossed in, like “slip on” 😉 ) First, a few tying tips and notes: Tying the Lace knot: This is the knot we most commonly use, especially with our 100% polyester […]

Ande's Barefoot Sandal Tying Style #1

Ande’s Blinged out Tying #1

Ande has a fun, funky no-toe, no-thong tying style. (Actually, she has two, and this is the first). Note the added bling with beads

Uber-Ultra Minimal to the Max

Okay, it doesn’t get more minimal than this (hence the name). Arguably, this is even more minimalist than the Ultra-Minimalist Hitch since there’s no knot. Our first customer service manager, Bill Babcock, came up with this idea, and he uses it for running 100+ miles/week. To make this style, you’ll need 2 “Crow Beads” (available […]

Lee Chase's Barefoot Sandal Tying Method

Lee Chase’s “Extra Comfy” Huarache Tying Style

Lee Chase developed this variation of one of the tying styles on the Tying page. The only thing I’d do differently: Take the end of the lace and put it back through the half hitches to lock it in place. First, a few tying tips and notes: Tying the Lace knot: This is the knot […]

A lacing tip for your Xero Shoes

Here’s a fun lacing tip/trick you can use with your Xero Shoes. Basically, it’s making a “lacing loop” out of a small section of our new laces or using our toe loops. There are two reasons you may want to do this: 1) It’s a cool decorative element (especially if you use a different color […]

Raymond's Thong Barefoot Running Sandal tying style

Raymond’s Double-Thong Running Sandal Tying Method

Raymond Mack developed this nice thong style Once you get the tension just right, you slip ’em on and off in a second. People use this tying style for everything from walking to running marathons. First, a tying tip: Lacing tips: Raymond’s Double-Thong Tying Style Since there’s exposed lace under your foot, I recommend coating […]

Kelly's No-Knot Huarache Tying Style

Kelly’s Combined Barefoot Running Sandal Tying

Kelly’s is a “combined” tying method. You can move the knot to the back of the shoe, behind your heel, if you like. First, a tying tip: Lacing tips: Kelly’s Combined Tying Style This video makes a reference to our old name, Invisible Shoes and show our Classic Kit… you can do this with our […]

Erika’s No-Knot Barefoot sandal tying methods

Erika Berglund has been on FIRE creating new tying styles. Enjoy these 3 videos (Erica reports that she’s switching all her Invisible Shoes to the 3rd style she shows in these videos): First, a few tying tip: Lacing tips: Erika’s No-Knot Tying Styles This video makes a reference to our old name, Invisible Shoes. And […]