Media Name Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport as the Best Water Shoes

When you’re shopping for water shoes, you want a pair that’s lightweight, durable, easy-to-drain and quick-drying. Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport is regularly reviewed by outdoor experts at media outlets as one of the best water shoes on the market. Why? It’s Quick Drying – Water pours out of the open-mesh design It’s Easy to […]

A close up shot of a woman walking in her HFS II barefoot shoes on a dirt road

Outdoor Life: It’s Time to Give Barefoot Shoes a Try

Discover the benefits of barefoot shoes with Outdoor Life’s comprehensive guide, “It’s Time to Give Barefoot Shoes a Try“. Learn from experts like Dr. Irene Davis and Scott Socha about foot dynamics and fit, explore design insights from John Wadley of Xero Shoes, and gain practical tips on transitioning to barefoot shoes for a more […]

A woman wearing Scrambler Mid II hiking boots hiking over rocks on a clear, cool day while wearing a large backpack and using trekking poles

Best Xero Shoes Hiking Boots, According to Top Media

Outdoor gear reviewers and media are constantly looking for the best hiking boots, and spend months testing different brands on varying terrain. Media rave about Xero Shoes’ hiking boots and shoes, citing the lightweight design, wide toe box and zero-drop sole as some of the key differentiators. Check out the list below of media’s top-rated, best […]

Best Barefoot Xero Shoes, According to Media

Barefoot shoes provide a natural, foot-shaped design that allows toes to spread and feet to relax while allowing you to feel the ground beneath you. ​​ Media rave about Xero Shoes’ barefoot shoes, citing the lightweight design, wide toe box and zero-drop sole as some of the key differentiators. Check out the list below of […]

A Barefoot Winter Boot Review in -20° F

Born To Run 2 Co-Author and Xero Shoes partner, Eric Orton put the Alpine to the test in harsh Wyoming winter conditions, with temperatures dipping to -20 °F.

“The Alpine is the perfect balance of performance and protection, and I’ve been searching for a boot like this for the last 20 years.”

How should you pick the best weightlifting shoe?

SELF recommends their top 10 picks, including Xero Shoes Forza Trainer, a 2023 SELF Sneaker Award winner. Experts back up the benefits of a zero-drop, minimal sneaker. Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Jared Gremillion, DPT, says “Stability is key for weightlifting footwear. Shoes made with sturdy materials and a stiff, wide sole will contribute to that grounded […]

Doctors of Running Reviews Xero Shoes HFS II

What does a physical therapist say about Xero Shoes newest HFS II? Dr. Matthew Klein, PT, conducted a thorough review of the HFS II from the lens of an expert in biomechanics, and you won’t want to miss what he says: “The HFS II, like the HFS I, is my go-to all-day shoe. I have enjoyed these […]

SELF Sneaker Award: Xero Shoes Forza Trainer

45 Testers 44 Brands 160 Shoes And…. Xero Shoes‘ Forza Trainer is a winner for the 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards as the Best Weightlifting Sneaker.   Why SELF loves it: “The most minimal shoe on this list, the Xero Forza Trainer focuses on one thing and one thing alone: keeping you stable and comfortable. As it should: Weightlifting shoes are usually best without any […]

Z-Trail EV in Wired, Gear Patrol, and

Z-Trail EV Men SHOP Z-Trail EV Women SHOP Z-Trail Kids SHOP WIRED picks the Z-Trail EV as the ‘Best for Minimalists’ in their Beach Running Guide Here’s what WIRED had to say about the most minimal shoe on the beach running guide: “The Z-Trail EV made our best overall spot in our best barefoot shoes […]

SHAPE: Best Zero-Drop Shoes are Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail II

SHAPE names Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail II as the best zero-drop shoes overall! Why We Like It: Great for trail running, hiking, and off-road roaming, the Xero Mesa Trail II is the ultimate adventure buddy. It’s Worth Noting: The toe-box is intentionally wide to allow your toes to spread and grip the ground. It may […]