Get Ready With Me for a Rainy Hike

Xero Shoes partner, @kalihikes tests out the Xero Shoes Ridgeway for a rainy day hike with her pup. Waterproof boots. Warm, dry feet. No worries about blisters. And a storm rolling in. Does it get any better? Try the Ridgeway Combine the allure of retro style with cutting-edge barefoot-friendly technology, and you get the Ridgeway – […]

4 Natural Movement Techniques to Try For Yourself (Videos)

Reconnect with Your Body: Discover Natural Movement This blog features workout tips from Erwan Le Corre: Founder of MovNat, Affiliate of Xero Shoes @movnat Erwan Le Corre Provides 4 Techniques to Help Optimize Natural Movement In a world where our lives are increasingly sedentary, finding our way back to the basics of movement is […]

5 Tips for Being Fit Over 40

This blog was written by Xero Shoes affiliate, Kristina Cañizares Celebrity trainer and owner of Fit & Bendy in Los Angeles Instagram: @fitandbendy Fitness Over 40: 5 Realistic Tips to Get In Shape What does it look like to be fit over 40? Is it possible to get in the best shape of your […]

These Footwear Style Trends Will Rock 2024

Fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike eagerly anticipate the fresh wave of styles that will dominate the footwear scene in 2024. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek into the hottest trends for 2024, straight from the experts: Kristina Funck, Xero Shoes’ talented Design Director, and Megan Elias, the creative force behind our Product Merchandising. Plus, we’ve […]

Microdosing with barefoot shoes

Microdosing with Barefoot Shoes: What to Know

Do you find yourself constantly on your feet or on the move? Whether an athlete, a parent, a nurse, a teacher or anyone else, your feet are the unsung heroes of your daily grind. And they’re often neglected and constrained by conventional footwear. But there’s a unique approach to building foot strength and improving foot […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Fitness in 2024

We asked fitness experts for achievable tips to elevate your fitness game this year. We’re not talking about extreme makeovers; we’re talking about small, sustainable changes that can make a big difference. Keep reading for expert tips on walking, running, workouts, and more. Your Fitness Experts Muscle by Maria “Walking is a simple, yet effective […]

Fitness for Busy People: Finding Balance and Health

In a recent episode of “The MOVEMENT Movement” podcast, fitness expert (and Xero Shoes Affiliate) Karl Bratland, talks to Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen about the challenges of aging and how people of different ages can meet their unique fitness needs and goals. While Karl specializes in helping busy dads achieve their fitness goals, these principles […]

Can You Live Longer With 30-60 Minutes Of Weekly Strength Training?

A recent article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that just 30 to 60 minutes of strength training per week can reduce your risk of dying from all causes by 10 to 17 percent. In this blog post, you’ll discover the key takeaways from this exciting research and understand the incredible benefits of strength training. THE […]

The Perfect Summer Shoes to Go with Every Type of Adventure

The Perfect Summer Shoes to Go with Every Type of Adventure Summer fun is just around the corner. Are you ready for days at the beach? Have you made plans to spend some time on your favorite trails? Or maybe you’re thinking of an urban getaway to a new city? Whatever you’ve got planned, having […]

Deep Squats movement snack


It’s time to rethink what a workout can be! Sure, there’s definitely still a time and place for a dedicated run, yoga class, or lifting session. But the movement in your life doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) end there.  Fill your life with purposeful, stimulating physicality, and it will pay off in ways you expect, […]