Doctors of Running Reviews Xero Shoes HFS II

What does a physical therapist say about Xero Shoes newest HFS II? Dr. Matthew Klein, PT, conducted a thorough review of the HFS II from the lens of an expert in biomechanics, and you won’t want to miss what he says: “The HFS II, like the HFS I, is my go-to all-day shoe. I have enjoyed these […]

SELF Sneaker Award: Xero Shoes Forza Trainer

45 Testers 44 Brands 160 Shoes And…. Xero Shoes‘ Forza Trainer is a winner for the 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards as the Best Weightlifting Sneaker.   Why SELF loves it: “The most minimal shoe on this list, the Xero Forza Trainer focuses on one thing and one thing alone: keeping you stable and comfortable. As it should: Weightlifting shoes are usually best without any […]

Travel + Leisure: Prio Best Breathable Shoes for Summer

The hot temps of summer have arrived, but thanks to Travel + Leisure, their list of 15 Best Breathable Shoes keeps your feet cool. Xero Shoes’ Prio was named “Best Men’s Lightweight Shoe.” Writer Alesandra Dubin says, “These minimalist shoes are super lightweight and designed to promote good posture by mimicking a barefoot experience.” With a breathable mesh upper […]

Xero Shoes Forza Trainer wins Women’s Health Sneaker Award

Xero Shoes’ Forza Trainer was named a Best in Weightlifting category winner in the 2023 Women’s Health Sneaker Awards! As editor Jacqueline Andriakos says, “Like all Xero barefoot-style shoes, you feel one with the ground thanks to the thin and flat sole. What’s more: “The Velcro strap right below the ankle helps me feel extra locked […]

Gear Patrol: 10 Best Hiking Sandals Xero Shoes Z-Trail EV

Gear Patrol names Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV as one of the Best Hiking Sandals. Editor Hayley Helms says: “Weighing in at a scant 5.4 ounces, the Z-Trail EV is as light as a hiking sandal gets. It eschews thick straps, extra padding and oversized buckles but it drops most of its weight by using a […]

HEALTH: Forza Trainer wins Best in Fitness Awards

HEALTH Magazine reviewed fitness gear, equipment, apps and shoes for their annual Best in Fitness Awards and Xero Shoes Forza Trainer wins as one of the best sneakers.  ACSM certified trainer and Xero Shoes fan, Aimee Nicotera, recommends the Forza Trainer. “These help people actually feel the ground and give the toes lots of space.” If […]

Outside and Women’s Running Name Xero Shoes as Best Minimalist Running Shoes

Outside Magazine and Women’s Running review the “best minimalist running shoes” and two of Xero Shoes’ newest running shoes make the list: Mesa Trail II One of the reviewers’ favorite shoes, he says the Mesa Trail II are so comfortable for trail running and allowed his feet to easily glide over the trails. Forza Runner The […]

VeryWell Fit Names Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail the Best Zero-Drop Shoe for Women

VeryWell Fit names the 10 Best Zero Drop Running Shoes of 2022, and after extensive testing and reviews, Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail comes out on top as the best women’s overall! For those who loved the original Mesa Trail, we now have the Mesa Trail II, featuring an updated design that boasts a thinner, stronger, […]

What Shoes Did WIRED Pick for Beach Running? Xero Shoes

Two times in one month, two Xero Shoes are featured in WIRED!  They ask, Want to Run on the Beach? Start With the Right Shoes. Experts recommend you’re better off NOT running barefoot in the sand, and that’s a good thing because our barefoot-inspired shoes give you the protection you need while still allowing your […]