Improve your Foot Strength and Balance with SlackBlock

Improve your Foot Strength and Balance with SlackBlock


In just a few fun minutes per day, you can have improved balance and stronger feet and ankles.

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Product Description

Want to improve your balance and foot and ankle strength?


People often ask me what’s the best way to improve foot and ankle strength… and until recently, my answer was simple:

Run barefoot or in Xero Shoes.

And I still believe that.

But, we know that your running can be improved by NOT running and doing some strength work in the gym for your glutes and hamstrings.

Well, you can also “go to the gym” for your foot and ankle with the SlackBlock… and, even more, the SlackBlock can help you improve your balance, which will further improve your performance, in just a few minutes a day.

Even if you’re not a runner, you’ll want stronger feet and ankles and better balance. Otherwise you could be one of the millions of people who have life-threatening and even fatal injuries that could be avoided by better balance and more strength.

How do I use the SlackBlock?

When you get your SlackBlock, you’ll get a link for a video that shows how to use it.

But, in short: you’ll stand on the SlackBlock with one foot for up to 2 minutes (you can start and stop if you lose your balance — and you will — during that time). Then switch feet.

There are 3 positions to do this in — “parallel” (with your foot aligned with the block, “angled”, and “perpendicular”. You can do a 12 minute workout in all 3 positions. You can can also simply use the SlackBlock whenever you get a chance.

We have one in our office that everyone uses every time they walk by it 😉

And then almost everyone in our office bought another for home!

As your balance improves, you can adjust the SlackBlock to become more challenging.

Get the right SlackBlock based on your weight

There are two models of SlackBlock: the 13 inch for people who weigh less than 190 pounds, and the 14 inch for people who weigh more than 190 pounds.

Get your SlackBlock and join us with better balance and stronger feet and ankles.


We recommend ordering your regular size.

FREE EXCHANGES: Most people find our size recommendation gives them a proper fit, but just in case, we have a free exchange program for all US orders.
*If you normally buy a Euro or UK Size, check out the handy conversion charts below.

Women’s Sizing Chart:

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes
5 35.5 3.5
5.5 36 4
6 36.5 4.5
6.5 37 5
7 37.5 5.5
7.5 38 6
8 38.5 6.5
8.5 39 7
9 39.5 7.5
9.5 40 8
10 40.5 8.5
10.5 41 9
11 41.5 9.5
11.5 42 10
12 42.5 10.5

Men’s Sizing Chart:

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes
6.5 39.5 5.5
7 40 6
7.5 40.5 6.5
8 41 7
8.5 41.5 7.5
9 42 8
9.5 42.5 8.5
10 43 9
10.5 43.5 9.5
11 44 10
11.5 44.5 10.5
12 45 11
12.5 45.5 11.5
13 46 12
14 47 13
15 48 14
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Jimmie F.
United States United States

Great way to gain better balance

Looking at this Slack Block you don't think it'll be challenging but you'd be mistaken. It's perfect for ankle strength and all around balance. I use it to help with balance for inline skating, and bowling. Everyone that has asked about it and tried it enjoyed it. I'm glad I found this.


Xero Shoes

Thank you for sharing your experience. We're thrilled to hear that it has been beneficial for your ankle strength and overall balance, as well as aiding you in activities like inline skating and bowling. It's fantastic to know that you've found it enjoyable and that others who have tried it have also had positive experiences. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and serves as encouragement for us to continue providing innovative and effective products. If you have any further questions or need assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help and support you on your fitness journey. Thank you for choosing Xero Shoes, and we wish you continued success and enjoyment in your activities!

Dylan P.

Simply Amazing

Couldn't recommend this product more. It's helped improve my ankle strength and stability in a drastic way, and I've seen a lot of carryover to my activities (calisthenics, yoga, Kettlebell work, longboarding, drumset...everything). I'm a trainer at YMCA that specializes in postural and corrective exercises, and I have used this product with multiple clients (after teaching them some basic arch strengthening, single leg balance, etc). They have seen drastic improvement in their ankles, which is an area that MUST be addressed when correcting hip/general body function. Love Xero Shoes and Slackblock, and I constantly spread the word to friends, family, trainers, clients. People are generally interested in these products and I'm always getting questions about my Ipari Hanas (Got Prios on the way!). They've even helped me get clients, who are now believers in the abilities of the human body and especially of our feet.


This is Great!!!!

I am very happy with my purchase of Slackblock from Zero Shoes. I am 59 years old and in pretty good shape, and have been practicing now for a few months standing on a stable floor to add strength. Within three days of using Slackblock for one minute on each leg, I can easily tell that my balance and strength has greatly increased. I did not expect such quick results! Plus, it is very lightweigh and easy to take on trips to use when there's an extra minute or two to do a standing exercise. Steve and Lena: thanks for carrying this product, and for promoting minimalist shoes for strong feet and a strong foundation.